Option for Animation on Sketchfab

(Cliff Schonewill) #1

Hello! I am wondering if it is possible (couldn't see anything stating so in the FAQ) to have an animation not auto play but be playable via a button. For loops and cycles what exists right now is great, but what about for something you want to be a static object that you appreciate and look around but has an animation you can play that isn't repeating?

I'm new to the platform as of the last few days. I'll be doing a residency here starting in the middle of october, and I'd like to possibly add some animation to what I plan to make but its not the sort of thing that should constantly loop. If there is support for this, please let me know - if there is not, then I would appreciate it being added as an option/feature.

For example lets say there is a box, and you wanted to have an animation of that box opening but not have it constantly opening and closing. Having the model sit there but on the side have a buttons for open and close, etc. Would add some nice capability and options, as well as expanding the types of animation that could be suitable on Sketchfab.


(Stephomi) #2

By "buttons", do you mean 3D modeled buttons inside the scene (that would trigger an animation when you pick it)?

I do think it would be a valuable option to add as it could provide richer experiences.
But I'm afraid it's not in our roadmap (@mauricesvay?).

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Having 3D models act as triggers would be very valuable in VR for instance. It would offer the possibility to trigger actions without having to use physical controllers. A google cardboard would do with gaze control and the single button to confirm.
Adding the actions to the objects could be done through webhooks. This would avoid having to paste code in the sketchfab editor. With a webhook I could just subscribe to it with my own code and wait for the trigger to happen.
Most of my clients would love to have this, for instance for VR configurators, or VR instruction manuals where the buttons would show the next or previous assembly step.

(Cliff Schonewill) #4

I do not mean that any sort of trigger would need to be a 3D object, though having that option would not be a bad thing. It could simple be a 2d clickable object like an annotation - and possibly even adding a plat animation option/support for an annotation so that when clicked, the text displays, the camera positions (lights as well would be nice) and the animation plays. Either way, right now it seems animations simply loop and there is no other option - but an option to have a model be sitting and to click to activate one or more animations (no matter how it is done) is a feature I'd like to request. We can certainly talk about the details of what this could look like - but for now it is important to get the thought out about its functionality and see if its possible to implement.

(Cedric) #5

We are thinking to improve interaction but it's not yet clear how far we should go. So not on the roadmap yet but it's an important subject for us.

(Cliff Schonewill) #6

Happy to hear, if you are open to ideas I'd love to pitch in when the time is right for it