Option for "OSD annotations" navigation

(Cada Ve R Kage) #1

Recently i have made models that are part of a series.
And it would be really nice, if there there was a possibility to navigate from one to another model, not leaving enVRonment. [only inside Sketchfab navigation]
It would be like OSD menu, using existing annotation system.
Instead placing annotations on model, those would be placed left or right side “on screen” [using lock to view/camera command by default for OSD annotation] .
Limited in amount because of screen height.
Description frame would be always on [nothing is for free], to give spectators information where they will be “transfered”. And “transfer” to another model woud be made just on annotation click.

Someone, really “desperate” even could make “portal travel” adventure, with two-four choices - where will you go next ?

don’t open until next X-Mass

(Shaderbytes) #2

All this is possible using the viewer API and some javascript programming :wink: Obviously only for external embeds of the viewer , not on the sketchfab domain model page.


(Cada Ve R Kage) #3

i can do it in 3DStudio Max - VRML97 [there is trigger object option] - cortona plugin
… but i would like similar option on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #4

im not sure where you are going with this , Im saying there is an option to do this with sketchfab but under certain conditions. What you can do in 3DMax has nothing to do with this request. If you are suggesting this kind of thing gets built into the native sketchfab editor and viewer i would not count on anything happening in a hurry in that regard. Your best option is to heed my advice ( which is your only immediate option) and learn to do it via the viewer API.