Option to Download OWN Models without Setting Download on

(Dark Minaz) #1


I recently couldn’t find some of my older models on my PC and wanted to download those. Sadly the only way to download your own models is to set them private first with pw, enable downloads, wait, download, disable downloads, set public.

So i would like to request an option to simply download your own models without having to do such a complicated way.



It’s a good idea. The issue is that we don’t generate/prepare the archives necessary for downloading your original files (or the transcoded glTF version) unless download (or Store) is enabled.

It’s been requested before though, so I’ll add your “+1” :slight_smile:

Download my model
(Kisjuhasz Gabor) #4

Same here
+1 :slight_smile:

(Drakelinglabs) #5

+1 to this please

(Panc0) #6

+1 pls!