Option to Lock DoF to Specific Object?

I love love love the new Depth of Field option in the viewport, I’ve got lots of ideas for how to use it… but already I’m seeing some problem. In particular; here’s one of my old scenes I’m trying to apply DoF to:

The “autofocus” feature means that any time you move the camera, or even when the scene loads up, the focus is on the wall in the background, not the sword-in-the-stone in the foreground. It would be really nice to have an option in the 3D Settings to lock the focus to a certain object in the scene. For scenes like this, or dioramas, etc… it would allow the creator to make sure that the focus isn’t constantly jumping around creating undesirable results.

Perhaps just an option to disable the autofocus by default might work, so people can set the fixed distance they want the focus, and then when users tap to change the focus it stays in place rather than jumping around- even give the users the option to turn on/off autofocus in the viewer settings.

I think there’s a few things that could be done to really improve the results, because I love the effect, the implementation just feel a little bit clunky at the moment.

I think you can set a focus point by double clicking on a certain point on your model in the 3d editor.
At least that’s how it seemed to work for me :slight_smile:

A single click focuses the view, and a double click moves the view to focus where you’re clicking, same as those work with taps on mobile… but I don’t think there’s an option to lock that view. As soon as you move or rotate that autofocus comes back, and for scenes with irregular object shapes, or slender objects as the subject, such as a sword, this doesn’t seem to always work quite as intended.

@Blackhart when you “Save view”, the focal point should be saved.

We don’t have autofocus lock at the moment. We’ll think about it.


I will be very happy to use this option too.
Otherwise the DOF effect is too difficult to control for people who are not used to 3D navigation.

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