Optional notification on some updates made in uploaded model


(Vlad) #1


Another one wish for Sketchfab main site.

For example i have some models uploaded some times before. But i want reupload models because i made some fixes.
Especially if this is photogrammetry scan and i want replace old and not perfect model with new better processed model.

Is it possible add optional way to notify my followers (and/or may be change model status to "updated" too)?
But make this feature optional. Because i don't think will be good to notify everyone on any minor changes.

For this moment i see only one way. Create collection like "Updated or fixed models" so folowers will see something like:
%%%%% added ###### to the collection Updated or fixed models
Small hack but only way to notify for this moment :slight_smile:



We are definitely thinking about better ways to support WIPs and updated models, but we don't have a clear solution yet. Maybe bumping up the Published date and adding a "User updated the model" notification is enough.