Optional .txt file with uploaded model to automate the adjustment of various settings

After the Tampermonkey Preset Tool stopped working a few years ago, it’s always been a massive pain for my team to upload sketchfabs with identical lighting/background/camera settings etc.

I’d like to request a method for easily including these settings in the model upload by including a simple INI file.

Imagine if you could just upload your model with a settings.ini included e.g.:
Drag and drop model.glb + settings.ini.

The settings INI could contain background colour, camera matrix, lighting settings, postprocessing settings etc.

Then there would be no need for anyone to mess around with the API stuff. Power users with a basic knowledge of INIs could manually input their own settings. Or there could even be an ‘Export INI’ option when you open one of your existing sketchfabs.


Up! Or a much more ‘elegant’ solution: to save/load some global presets within 3d settings. But if I remind correctly this is already discussed a few years ago. Maybe in the new #fab :wink: :partying_face:

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