Options to Order Models on Profile

(Trashlizard) #1

So i absolutely LOVE sketchfab, its a beautifully run website with all the features i could ask for and i love it, however the one outlyingly obvious feature it seems to be lacking is the ability to order models manually on your page. I hate how it orders them by popularity (which seems randomly decided by a combo of likes and views) and it seems such an obvious thing that there must be a core reason it isnt a feature already?

id love the ability to put my favourite work at the top in future if possible :slight_smile:

thanks for reading!:DD

(Cie) #2

Wow, i was just entering the forum to post just this.

While it’s logical to present the most liked models first, it’s easy for some other models to become underrated because they fall below the page or maybe even on the next page. Personally i have this situation with this model: Tree carving . It’s very awesome for potential buyers, but it’s less viewed because it fell on the second page, at least, i think it is :slight_smile: .



Yep, we know the profile customization features need some love. We definitely want to revisit this in the future.