OptionsOptions 2.0 in development

(Klaasnienhuis) #1

Hi there,
I’ve been very busy updating the OptionsOptions tool for 3dsMax. OptionsOptions enables you to generate a configurator directly from your 3dsMax model, no coding involved! Apart from fixing some outdated parts, I’ve also added new features:

  • Material options and show/hide options
  • Texture support in the material options
  • Upload to new scene and reupload to existing scene


  • Moved docs to github pages
  • Implemented more robust sketchfab login

I haven’t had time to update the docs and videos but I wanted to put a first version of the improved tool out there.

Here’s a link to the tool
And here’s an example of a configurator made with it.

I’ll make sure to get back soon with a new video, a tutorial and updated docs.

(Vladatmm) #2

Hi Klaas,

When I try to upload the model I am receiving the error that I am missing MaterialEditor.js from "OptionsOptions/WebTemplate " folder. Where can I find this file?


(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Indeed, there was an issue with the build. Here’s the updated link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lrqpb8xwyh1ew0a/AABRXJUjou5Wr7IHalcb4X2pa?dl=0

(Vladatmm) #4

Thank you Klaas. Everything is working great now. Textures are working with Multi/sub material. I was able to modify materials in Sketchfab 3d settings and everything was updated in configurator.

Great work.

(Klaasnienhuis) #5

The docs haven’t been updated yet, but I’ve made an examples page and three videos to show how you can make configurators.
Here are the examples. They use models from Fi Silva and @Badboy17Aiden
And here are some videos of the script in action.


On/Off options

Material options

(Badboy17 Aiden) #6


Thanks for showcasing my models in your script, Its really nice work.

(Gabrielefx) #7

thank you for your script but I tried to use it assigning a baked texture into the self-illumination slot (map channel 4 as default generated by Vray). Unfortunately your generated materials show nothing while Sketchfab shows correctly the texture.
I’d like to have an option to regenerate only the materials and not the entire export process. For example if I want to change the diffuse color from red to yellow I have to export again all the scene.


(Klaasnienhuis) #8

Hi @gabrielefx, thanks for the feedback!
I read two issues in your post:
1: the material in 3dsMax doesn’t resemble the material in sketchfab when using a baked texture. This can have any number of causes. You mention you use vray materials. Keep in mind the optionsoptions script exports to fbx which converts your materials to standard materials. If that’s not the issue you could share some screenshots of the relevant areas.
2: you don’t want to re-upload the entire scene if you just have to change a color from red to yellow. You’re in luck! the optionsoptions script converts your materials to javascript code. If you open the Materiallibrary.js file, you can modify the rgb values of the colors. Don’t modify the material names in that file. If you do that, they don’t match to the materialnames in the already uploaded model anymore. You can however change the titles on the dropdown menu items in the html file.

(Gabrielefx) #9

Hi Klaas
I created the baked light map using Vray but I exported the model with standard material.
I put the texture in the self-illumination slot of the standard material.
When Max created the texture it was on map channel #4
The test is simple: create 2 different light maps on a wall (using ies lights and bake them)
I wanted to create a switch to swap these two textures but they must stay in the auto-illumination slot of the two multi-id material.
Also I noticed that I have no access to refraction parameters. Also adding refraction ior in Sketchfab your script delete it.


(Klaasnienhuis) #10

Hi @gabrielefx, you’re right. Textures in the self-illumination slot aren’t translated yet to sketchfab. In general the conversion from a 3dsMax standard material to the sketchfab pbr material is quite basic at the moment. I’ll pay more attention to this in a future update.
Apart from the self-illumination map and an ior setting, what material properties would you expect to be supported?
Currently I’m only translating a standard material, but I could also look at the physical material in 3dsMax. Which one would you prefer?

(Gabrielefx) #11

I’d like to stay with Vray, assign materials: diffuse+reflection+glossy+bump or normal+opacity+refraction+self-ill.
put lights in the scene and click go…bake and watch the result in Sketchfab
better if I can use multi-sub materials and select variations
also I’d like to replace materials without export the entire scene.
What about a direct link with Sketchfab? I mean: I vary the diffuse rgb values inside 3ds Max, replace textures and I see the results in realtime.
Ok, I’m dreaming…