Order 3D Print or Download

(My3dscanner) #1

I am a bit confused with “Order 3D Print” and “Download” button. If both buttons are activated, I can download a model and print it either on 3DHubs or anywhere else, while with “Order 3D Print” I can print it at 3DHubs only. Why would anybody choose “Order 3D Print” option?

(Bart) #2

Hey @my3dscanner,

it's mainly a convenience thing - the Order 3D Print button saves you from downloading the model, going to 3D Hubs, finding their upload page and then actually uploading it. It's just one click to start your ordering process.

We didn't make the options mutually exclusive to allow for the following scenarios:

  1. You want to let someone print your work, but not download your file.
  2. You're fine with people having your file, and give them the choice to print it themselves, at 3D Hubs or at another service.

Hope that makes sense!

(My3dscanner) #3


I agree, it is convenient.

But in scenario (1) the printing hub does download the file. I am a printing hub at 3D Hubs and I know it for sure, so option (1) may look safer for Sketchfab artist, but it is not in reality. It is not a big deal, but it is kind of misleading.

Bart, does Sketchfab get commission from 3D Hubs from orders originated from Sketchfab?