Order 66, commander Cody! (annotated scene)

(Macridil) #1

Hi all, i'm starting the "order 66" scene, with commander Cody and "holo-palpatine" ! Good luck to all, and remember..."DO, OR DO NOT! THERE'S NO TRY" :smile:

(Macridil) #2

Here's my first wip, a couple of hours in just 2 days :smiley:

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations.

(Macridil) #4

Another day of work :smiley: it's quite slow but i'm fixing the blocking instead of adding new pieces. so far ! Hope you enjoy and good work to you all

(Macridil) #5

Thanks Bart :smile: i'm trying to understand how to upload file and objects on sketchfab, seems funny and really cool

(Bart) #6

It shouldn't be hard. Which tools to you use? I'll tell you how to do it :smile:

(Macridil) #7

i'm working on max and maybe zbrush. i can just upload the obj ? thanks

(Bart) #8

Yep, definitely. However, we also have a very good exporter for 3DS Max:


And we just posted a new version of our Brush exporter yesterday:


These exporters can really help speed up your workflow, and they're free! I recommend you give them a try :smile:

(Macridil) #9

Work in progress of the day ! still lot work to do, but it's funny

(Macridil) #10

Wipping the helmet !

(Bart) #11

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Macridil) #12

Still working on helmet...so difficult and so funny !

(Emmanuel De Bernard) #13

hey man, I love how it looks... but the "mouth part" is kinda "swollen"... lol ... but I love your model... :wink:

(Dark Minaz) #14

Had quite a lot of issues with his helmet too, but certain elements can be done in the end with paint, just as a tip :stuck_out_tongue:
But i am looking forward to your version of cody, especially since mine is more of a changed storm trooper rather than a clone trooper start so yours might be more accurate than mine.

(Macridil) #15

ehm...swollen ? i need more feedback ahahaha thanks man, i'm still working hard on this :smiley:

(Macridil) #16

still working on helmet...a little turbosmooth test O_o

(Macridil) #17

Helmeth "done", i must continue the body armour and the other things :cry:

(Macridil) #18

Modeling complete at 85\90% maybe ? TIME IS RUNNING OUUUUUT hope you like it, c&c are welcome :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #19

the helmet and chest are looking way to good compared to the rest of the details somehow.
Maybe try to add a bit more on those to have an average awesome look :smile:
Still got almost a month left, kinda depending on what your scene will have in the end.
But great work so far.

(Macridil) #20

Thanks a lot ! you're right, but i'm a little ansious about the contest ahahah i wanna just make cody and "holo-palpatine", on his hand, and just a base like rocks or something else, like this action figure. Tomorrow i'll working on the other part, for today i'm done (22:46 here in Italy)., thanks so much !