Order Collections Alphabetically and improve the add to Collections Window

I am a big user of collections and favourites on Art Websites. They’re great for research so I tend to have dozens of them. But as this website doesn’t order them other than the order in which they were created, it can be very annoying to manage collections and browse them later on.

It would be very helpful if I could organise them by Alphabetical Order (and by number).

Also, the window that appears when adding models to collections doesn’t show the full name of your Collections. It would be handy if it could ‘scroll’ the name so I could see the full name of the collection, or simply showed the full name in another way. Plus it be great if I could scroll through my whole collections whilst in this window.

The best website for reference for all this is ArtStation.

Thank you.



The Collections popup should be much more reliable now.

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Collections popup still need to be improved, is really hard to find my own collections even typing the full name