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Orthographic View Mode In The Viewer

(Dutzi) #1

Hi guys,

Love your platform! Good job :slight_smile:

Can you please add an option in the viewer that lets us change the camera mode to Orthographic?

Thank you

(Yannick Deharo) #2

Hi @dutzi,
don’t you seen the camera parameters in the “scene” panel of the 3D editor ? there are a “field of view” parameter that you can set to 1°. I believe that it’s the actual “orthographic mode”

(Dutzi) #3

Hi @YannickDeharo,
Yes, I’m aware of that but there isn’t one in the Viewer, meaning you can’t see other people’s work in Ortho view.

(Yannick Deharo) #4

Okay, I see what you mean.
What could be the advantage to see an object in Orthographic mode if it’s not the willingness of its author ?

(3 D Render) #5

I think it just gives an unique look to certain models, especially photogrammetry scans of rooms, architecture etc.

It’s better to have more options.

(Yannick Deharo) #6

Why not…

Personally, I’m afraid that too much options on the viewer could lost the inexperienced visitor. When I show my work, sometimes, people says “Too bad we cannot see the wireframe!”, or “Have you another version without textures?” for example. Even when they already opened the “model inspector”, they often closed it immediately without really read it , too many things inside, too technical, they thought that wasn’t here.

Too much options could be a bad option too.

So it is necessary to carefully choose the features to offer to visitors. On my side, for example, I already wonder about the importance of displaying the “vertex normals”. If there is a relevant reason, I don’t know it (Maybe you could explain it to me).

But we could imagine to permit experienced users to access this feature without a viewer button. For now, to add “?preload=1” at the end of the scene address prevent the mesh to be displayed before the complete loading of its maps. We could imagine to add a “?fieldofview=1” at the end of the adress to change the percent of the perspective ?

We could also imagine a shortcut ?..

What do you say about that, @james ?


Indeed it’s difficult to balance offering lots of features to users while keeping the UI clean and understandable. Displaying vertex normals is important for inspecting models, especially before purchasing something in the Store.

You can already set FOV using the Viewer API. A URL parameter could make sense, but I really don’t know how often it would be used. I suspect most artists leave the FOV at the default 45°, some use 1° for orthographic purposes, and maybe a small number of other values for unique needs.

(Yannick Deharo) #8

Thank you for your answer !