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Our studio thanks you sketchfab team!

(Comatos) #1

Working as a Indie Studio

Working as a Indie Studio means a lot of remote communication among team members. We cant afford a actual office space so everyting we do is remote. With sketchfabs launch remote viewing among team members just got a whole lot simpler.

Before sketchfab

If I wanted feedback from my team members I had to waste time rendering the model, and I would find myself spending so much time doing just that to make sure it looked exactly right. We would use skype share screen but the picture was always horrible.

After Sketchfab

When I first heard about sketchfab I was hesitant, in fact I didn't even start using it up to about 4 months ago. But when I did I was hooked! This has saved me countless hours of rendering, and taking pictures.

My Workflow

After concept sketches are approved, I start on the modeling. When I get a base shape down Ill stick it up on sketchfab and password it for my team. Its so quick and easy! If im unsure about a model, ill stick it in a backburner folder on sketchfab, and let myself and the team stew on it for a couple days. The best part is being able to pull up what your working on with your phone, and just looking at it for inspiration without having to jump on the pc.

Latest project

This is my latest project in order of how I uploaded them for feedback from the team.

Starter Ship by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Small Upgrade Chassis by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Medium Chassis by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Heavy Chassis by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Full chassis with fluff annotations by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Notes on settings for substance painter, and designer

I have found to get as close of a match from substance painter I use Glazed patio by restaurant, turn the lights on, and set it to low key lighting. Its not exact but its close enough to get the point across to my team members.

Emissive or Emission
When exporting my maps ill have to take my emissive map into photoshop and brighten it up. Even then I cant get it to look correct in sketchfab. It would be nice if we could turn it up higher, or make bloom only effect the emission channel. Thats my only complaint:P

So I just want to say a big thank you to the sketchfab team! You have made my life easier!

(Bart) #2

Hey @comatos,

that's such a great story, thanks for sharing! How many people/locations are on your team? And do you have a website where we can follow your project?



(Tribble42) #3

Thanks for the love \o/ <3

(Comatos) #4

We are a three man team, but we have interns that bounce in and out through the year. Our website is We are based in Vancouver WA.

Our current project is being built in Unreal 4 and we have a daily update on the forums of what we are up to.

Keep in mind we are still in the greybox stage, but we are slowly getting ready to integrate the graphics. Thanks for the interest, and thanks again you guys rock!

(Bart) #5

Sweet! And thanks for sharing your models on the Unreal forum!