'Outline' setting

(Danielcane) #1

Does this exist… to set a model to have black outlines along edges and perimeters?

Like the environments and ships in Futurama were clearly CAD, but gave the impression of being cel animation by having flat colours and black outlines.

(Nomadking) #2

Outlines are not something that can be set directly on Sketchfab at the moment as that requires more customised shader control.

However you can fake it by duplicating your mesh, enlarging it, and making the normals face inwards. You can find a lot of models on SF using this approach, such as this one (it’s only used on the non-black parts in this case):

(Danielcane) #3

Hi there, thanks so much for getting back!!
That’s exactly what I meant.
So the process you mentioned was:

duplicating you mesh
enlarging it
making the normals face inwards

Presumably at least the first two need to be done in the CAD program rather than on Sketchfab?

Thanks again!!

(Nomadking) #4

Hi Daniel,

Yes all the steps need to be done in whatever CAD / 3D Modelling program you’re using - the difficulty of which may vary based on the program. If you do some searching for creating a Toon Shaded or Cell Shaded look that should get your more info on the best way forward with the programs you have access too.

Since the trick is essentially just standard geometry, the only Sketchfab specific thing you need to do is set the ‘Faces Rendering’ option in the materials panel to ‘Single Sided’ to ensure the outline is drawn correctly.


(Danielcane) #5

That’s all clear, thanks so much for your efforts!!
All the best!!


There’s also a tutorial (for Maya) on our blog: