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Over-exaggerated Shapekeys?


(Takuser) #1

So, I work in Blender and recently uploaded a rig that's a combination of bones and shapekeys. Everything looks normal. So, I uploaded it and the shapekeys are working, but are WAY out of wack. Any way I might fix this?

Apparently it might be rooted to drivers, but any bone drivers used might risk making the mesh over-complicated to work with in the editing stage.


Can you send me a link to the model so we can have a closer look? Thanks!

(Takuser) #3

The two instances in which it's most obvious is when it blinks and when it does a sort of scowl before it does a blink.

(Takuser) #4

Not too sure if you got the link. Just in case:

First time using the forums here, so I'm still learning the basics. If you did get it, sorry for sending you a duplicate.


No problem, it's fine. We'll take a look, thanks!