Overall SF & API thoughts

So after my first contact with using the SF API, I have some findings that I want to share.

Overall the API is lacking functionality which makes you need to jump through unnecessary hoops that should be easily fixed and make the experience of using it way more enjoyable.

Here’s my list of remarks and RFE’s.

The data api:
1 - Collections: When uploading a new model, we should also be able to add a collection argument, it’s absolutely non sensical we can’t do this. If options can be done via a callback like Patch call, why can’t we supply a collection name (which should either create a new collection or add to and existing one)
2 - Limits: Cursor limit of 24, I get it for personal use, but for enterprise use this makes no sense, we should be able to lift it as the workaround code is just a pain to deal with. I’d like to up the count on a call when I see fit. I just dealt with uploading 500 models, and it’s a pain.
3 - Options: We need more ‘options’ when uploading models, how come we can only set a few (rotation, shading, background) options via the data API, why not all viewer options, why is this prohibited in the first place!? I tried reading and replicating the PATCH command the SF 3D viewer sends, but I can’t get it to work with my own code. This means if I wanted shadow turned on for 500 models on the sketchfab site, I need to do it manually for 500 models (I don’t need a seperate site + viewer api for this particular batch).
4 - Sorting : Maybe add sort by name, the most basic of all sorting, all the other sorting options are mood for enterprise usage. Please add name sorting! It’s almost hard to believe this is a thing.
5 - Documentation : it’s a pain to use, not one example shows you how to implement proper cursor workflow. No info on limits with big batches, we just wait and see when it stops the processing and we have to manually resume after that.
6 - Swagger: Why not show the JSON body of the request you build? Results are nice, but it would be so much more intuitive if we can see the request body for notation of the request body.

If anything, please make all ‘options’ available for the viewer on the sketchfab site itself. Turn on shadows, post processing, the whole lot.

The main web UI:
1 - I can not search in my own models. I have 500 models all on private and I can use the search bar to search and find models in my own account. I’m just stupefied on how this came to be. You need to be able to manage your own collection of files right?!
2 - No multiselect in the UI for easy adding files to a collection or deleting many files at once. Please make the UI more friendly to work with.

These were my main issues with sketchfab. I love the viewer and the quality of it, but there’s a lot of room for improvement, and by reading other comments on the forum I’m not expecting much change anytime soon, but hopefully the development can focus a bit more on a more sensible approach to the whole API and working with a bigger volume of files.

Thanks for reading,



The data api:
1- On our side atomicity on those calls allows to avoid a lot of complexity in API
2 - Limits are for calls atomicity and server load, rollbacking 500 vers 20 is not the same, server load, task queuing is easier to handle with smaller limits. That’s the reason why. (3d data is not the same as basic text data, it has a huge impact on servers loads)
3 - The need didn’t arise until now, as more often than not it needs visual confirmation that the render is as expected. If the need is there, it’s feasible, case by case.
4 - request transmitted.
5/6 - Documentation indeed needs some love/work

The main web UI:

1 - request transmitted & noted
2 - request transmitted & noted

Thanks for the feedbacks!

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The data API item 3 is a very big need and has been for a long time. Being able to PATCH models was possible in the past. But this API has been disabled. I’ve asked repeatedly if and when we could get this API back, since it’s very useful.

When dealing with one or two models, patching models through the API doesn’t make sense. But when working with models in bulk (like Johan does) or when uploading the same models over and over (like I do when working on configurators) using the API to set up the model is the obvious choice. When you’ve set up scene settings manually for one model, you want to replicate those settings on the other 499. automatically, not by hand. Imagine what happens when an art director walks by and asks to tone down the lights a little bit for all 500 models.

Yes: the need is there. Please bring the powerful patching back again!


Thanks for your reply @paul_sketch, I really hope you guys see the value in upping your backend game by a lot. I’m pretty sure you’re also noticing an increase in demand for 3D content as we all do and better management tools mean better serving your users and clients.

I’m with @klaasnienhuis on this, if you look through the forum, point 3 has been requested and asked for many times. So hopefully the SF dev team can re-prioritize their next story and make some sprints on these issues in the near future :wink: