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Pagination count options

(Shaderbytes) #1

Hey guys

I dunno if its just me but i find the current thumb pages loading highly restrictive , having to click load more for about 12 thumbs at a time? Perhaps expose 3 or 4 other options via a drop down select list for page loads like 20,40,60,80,100 etc

I would definitely set it to 100 wink


Yes, the pagination system could definitely use some improvements wink

(Andy lewis) #3

Nah. It's not you, mate.

Think there's another thread where the same point was made recently.

Maurice said perhaps it could be improved and he'd have to think about it.




(Andy lewis) #4

Come to think about it, my biggest bugbear is when you scan through a long list of models, find one you like, take a look at it and, when you click back, you end up at the first page again. Guess I could change my settings to allow the model to open in a new tab but I honestly have no desire to have 50 more tabs open. It slows down my poor old Mac

Any thoughts??




(Shaderbytes) #5

no need to change any setting . middle mouse click (mouse wheel ) opens links in a new tab. Well on PC it does, I cant say what it does on mac

(Andy lewis) #6

Thanks! smile

But ah ony got one clicker frowning

Ho hum.

(Shaderbytes) #7

UMmm I don't know how you manage to use any modern software with only one mouse button .. You need to upgrade to a new computer .. something from the 20th century (ducks) LOL

(Andy lewis) #8

LOL! Ah yeah, but the button's a really big one. Besides, I can use two fingers at a time. Three, sometimes!

(Shaderbytes) #9

Who needs fingers with only one button ..


should be ctrl + click on Windows or ⌘ + click on OS X to open in new tab

(Andy lewis) #11

Ah! Thanks James. I'm still a PC user at heart. Haven't had the Apple Acceptance Chip installed into my Central Nervous System yet