Paid Commission for anime-inspired 3d model


(Walkinthru) #1

Hello, I’m a new user to the site and. As the title above, I am looking for a paid commission for an original character. I am currently working on a Jrpg/visual novel for unreal engine 4 so I need a to test certain characters. Ue4 only accepts .fbx so make sure it is in the format.
It is of course a character model anime inspired, prices and timeframe are negotiable. An external messenger (Skype, discord) or the site’s messaging system works. I will provide a picture of the original character for use.

(Susie) #2

Hey there, you are looking for a 3d artist to model a anime character for you? I am experienced 3d modeler and have already done numerous comissions.
My fees are $25 per hour of modeling.
If you’re still looking for someone to do the job i would love to help

(Susie) #3

You can send me a personal sketchfab message