Paid for Pro but still Basic

(Anthony Howe) #1

I upgraded to a yearly subscription @ $180.00 PayPal but I remain a Basic user. Sent emails to hopefully have this changed but still no love. Hoping this will reach the right people.
Many thanks, Anthony Howe

(Anthony Howe) #2

Can anyone please help me? This issue of paying for a Pro subscription but remaining a Basic user has been going on for over a week and nothing has changed. Please upgrade me to a Pro user since I have paid for it otherwise I will be issuing a complaint to PayPal to have my money refunded.
Many thanks, Anthony Howe

(Bart) #3

Hi Anthony,

sorry to hear that! We're currently on holiday break hence the slow reply. I've pinged our support team, but I can't guarantee a quick reply from them. Until they can look in to it, I've set you up with a temporary PRO account that ends on January 2.


Sorry about that. Looks like something went wrong when switching from the old monthly subscription to the new yearly subscription. I've corrected it, so you should be ok now. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.