Paid help/commissioned work

(Badwool) #1

Hi guys. New to the site. I'm looking for a small job to be done for me as I lack the skills. How does this usually work? Do I wait for people to contact me or do I look at the Pro pages and contact someone?

Looking for someone to create me a few models in unity for vrchat.


(Nomadking) #2

Hi @Badwool

I'd say your best bet is to post a rough outline of what you need doing here on the forums and see what responses you get.

Make sure to cover a few of the basic things an artist would need to know, such as: -

  1. What models you require (eg. I need a male head and a female head).
  2. Visual style you're aiming for (eg. It needs to be PBR / Voxel / Handpainted / Lowpoly / look like XYZ game - references or example images can be really helpful here).
  3. Any important technical requirements (eg. It has to work on really old mobile phones so needs to be 1k triangles)
  4. Timeframe for the work (eg. I need this by tomorrow / next month / no real rush).
  5. Paid or not paid (No need to be specific about rates / amounts in public, but it's important to be clear)

These are the basic type of things an artist would be looking at when considering a job. No need to go into all the details, that's something you can hash out with any interested parties.

You can also contact artists directly if you find someone you think could do what you need (maybe they have similar style stuff on their profile), but they'd still want to know the basics above, so why not a bit of both!

Hope that was at least a little helpful :slight_smile:


(Badwool) #3

Hi thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

The models I require would initially be a character from Rick and Morty called Squanchy
Not to sure how I would describe the style however there is someone on deviantart that has created a 3d render of this character
the technical requirements are that it would have to work on VRchat and would need eye movement and mouth movement
Timeframe would be, no sweat, just as and when :slight_smile:
I would 100% pay someone for this, although it wouldnt be a HUGE amount, maybe $20?

I hope this helps?


(Victor334) #4

Thank you so much for your discussion here. I am also a newbie and I would like to know more about working system.

(Shaderbytes) #5

$20.. i l almost fell off my chair laughing. Are you expecting a rigged 3d character with eye and mouth movements that is production ready for Unity VR? .. for $20 dollars? It is funny and sad. I honestly doubt you will find anyone who is prepared to work for that low rate.. that is not even enough money to spark any interest in a complete amatuer .. i suggest you save up a little more :wink:

(Badwool) #6

I'm sure it is very amusing for you.
With no point of reference how would I know?
For others in my position it seems $50 is reasonable.

(Shaderbytes) #7

we are not talking about some asset that is built for mass sales that then has a lower price , you were asking for something custom to be built and rigged. There is no magic makes model and rig it button in a 3d editor :wink: These thing take time to do and the time is the money..even $50 is much much to low .. and you first said $20. Nobody can work that fast. If it was $10 dollars per hour do you think it is going to take two hours to do? no it will take about 16 hours to do properly and the going rate for a cg professional ( you were talking about contacting the pros ) is much more than $10 per hour i can assure you. your job is more like a $200-$1000 range depending on the artist rates and expertise. there now you have a point of reference.

(Badwool) #8

There are tons of models on deviantart that people allow you to download for free.

I've used these and rigged them myself, granted using mixamo so not from scratch.

In my head I would have never imagined people would just give those away if they were worth thousands....

I have found someone who will do the work for me now however in future just b remember, no question is a stupid question if you don't know the answer...

(Shaderbytes) #9

sure no worries glad you found someone to do your custom model for you. I guess now you have a higher value of these things even when they are given away. I gave away a jurassic park jeep and some plants the other day.. but just because they were free doesnt make them cheap in value, they took alot of time to do. :wink: