Paid option for free account

(Nemo81) #1


I’m a french user. Sorry if my english sentences are wrong.
I’ve got a free account and i would like to sell my models. I’ve got a lot of models.
Is it possible? It would be very great.
I made the request but i’ve no response.

Thank you so much.

(Dekro) #2

You can apply for a seller account on the store here

After you click on the link, scroll down below and click on the “Apply for a seller account”

(Nemo81) #3

Thanks for the response. I’ve already do that so i’m waiting.

(Nemo81) #4

I click on Apply for a seller account but I’ve got no response. What is the problem?
Thanks for your help.

(Dekro) #5

Takes some time for Sketchfab support to reach you, meaning that you are not the only one applying and you might be in a queue.

(Nemo81) #6

ok thanks a lot


@nemo81 I don’t see you in the Seller application list. Did you fill out the form? cc @bartv

(Bart) #9

@nemo81 did you apply for I see an application with the same email address as this account - it was reviewed but unfortunately not accepted, sorry!

(Nemo81) #10

yes i fill out the form after clicking on the button "apply for a seller account"
How can i appear in the seller application list?

(Nemo81) #11

No i dont know this person and user. I dont understand.
I’ve got 96 models and mrskeleton2002 have got 4 models.
It is different it is not me.

(Bart) #13

Sorry for the confusion. In that case, your application wasn’t received - please apply again:

(Nemo81) #14

I fill out the form again. thanks