[Paid work] L> 3D modeller + Rigger | 1 cartoony rig for Maya

(Crystal Goh Qn) #1

Hi, new here,
looking for someone to model and rig a character of mine
(will do a turnaround and separate ornaments reference for you) that is animatable in AutoDesk Maya

For the rig capability, am hoping it can be this flexible as this video reference from Tonko house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc1snS_0A8Y

I assume the price is around 100~300$USD, do enlighten me if its not right.
Paying via Paypal

Would be nice if you can link your portfolio and any additional things you want to add on, thanks!

(Klegend) #2

Hello, really love the desing of you character.
Here’s my portfolio:

I have experience rigging and modeling, mostly in low poly but i can also do medium to large poly count models, just that i feel more comfortable with low poly.

If you like my style contact me.