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[Paid Work] Voxel Artist – London, UK-based – Animation skills a bonus


(Amanda) #1

Hi! We’re a small, experienced independent video game developer based in London, UK.

We’re currently looking for a freelance voxel artist capable of working with MagicaVoxel, Qubicle or a similar tool to create high-resolution voxel environment and character assets for a high-quality demo of an upcoming PC / PS4 / X1 title. In addition to asset creation, the successful candidate will need to work closely with the project leads to establish a consistent and appealing art style.

Ideally, we are looking for someone to join us in-house for a short-term but full-time contract in our London studio.

Prior experience working both with pixel art and 3D art is desirable; experience working with voxels would be better! Rigging and animation experience would also be a bonus.

Please send me a PM with a link to your portfolio to inquire.

(Bart) #2

@elbriga @y2bcrazy is this something you might like to share with your followers?

(Elbriga) #3

Wish I was in London :stuck_out_tongue: it's shared!

(Y2bcrazy) #4

Sadly I'm all booked up for a while :frowning: Though we should keep in touch

(Cristian Ciocan) #5

Hey there! Regarding your post you can find my cv and portofolio at the link below: