Pandaria's Shrine

(Aenath) #1

This is going to be my entrie for the contest.

Pandaria had a hard time when the legion returned. The Sha have found a way to reappear in pandaria, now cursing the land with a new type of fell-dark energy. Now the shrines around Pandaria have become portals to the Legion's demons, trying to conquests and claim Pandaria as it's operation continent in Azeroth!

(Michael Calvert) #2

Sounds like fun, looking forward to the sketches

(Aenath) #3

Lore justification

This new... Dark Fell, is turning the ancient holy shrines into Evil Portals. Worse, the Legion is feeding on the left energies of Y'Shaarj, mutating the demons into even darker Monstruosities! Heroes must rise to stop them and prevent Pandaria to become a Legion Stronghold.

My work

If there is something that I dislike in WoW is that the world sometimes is forgotten. With this, Pandaria could be part of the new expansion easily!

So far, the Shrine itslef is the main protagonist. Destroyed and corrupted, a quick sketch on how I image it.

While work on this unholy shrine continues to create something cool, 3D work has begun:

The destruction of the shrine shall begin soon!



(Aenath) #4

So I cannot upload my High Poly Model because limit restrictions... something will be done about it, of course.
In the meanwhile, the shrine is basically complete. Destruction of it will begin soon!
Are you as excited as I am?? Bwahahaha


Loving the updates, the details are incredible!

(Aenath) #6

A better view of the corrupted shrine.
The general idea keeps, but now with more Legion's influence.
Everything is around a fusion of Sha and Legion themes with a touch of Pandaren elements.
I intend to add banners and more elements, but that will happen only if I have the time.
(With me luck!)

And with this, the destruction of the shrine begins!

wowlegion-wip #wow

(Bart) #7

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Aenath) #8

I haven't been able to work much on my model... I NEED TO RUSH!

The general shape is complete. Missing the road, the scenario, the cool portal and some fel river I'm thinking about...
So much work yet to be done!

(Aenath) #9

So, I have uploaded the high-poly version (now I can!).
I'm creating the low poly to generate all of the necessary texture files in the best quality possible.
Also, a sketch of the banner and the logo it is going to have. it's all about legion and Sha power.

I cannot say if I'm going to have the time to finish this model, but overall, I'm pleased with it so far. I'm learning so much!

(Aenath) #10

This is getting out of hand!
The low poly, finally ready to get textured.
Tomorrow is going to be crazy to get it on time... GOSH!



(Aenath) #11

Little by little, texturing the shrine. First, the general colors, then the corruption.
i do hope I manage to finish in time!

(Aenath) #12

More advance. Some fel energy is starting to appear.

(Aenath) #13

The final model is complete!
Gosh, this was my very first contest, I'm so happy I managed to finish it it time!
A lot of ideas were scrapped due to time restriction, like a banner with a Sha-like skull or some cool classical demons with a Sha twist, but I will add them some time into the future.

For now, this is my final entry, and i have to say, i'm happy!
Hope you guys like it as much as I enjoy making it :smiley: