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Parallel projection viewport?

(Swami Mathtraveler) #1

Hi Sketchfabbers,

I see nowhere to set the viewport projection type. FOV can be set to a minimum of 1º, which is close (like a very long telephoto lens), but does not quite produce a "parallel" view. I am doing some math visualizations, and this capability is desired.



P.S. FOV set to 1º results in some rendering artifacts - specifically, some occuluded edges get partially rendered, but shouldn't get rendered at all. FYI, the artifact gets worse as the FOV gets smaller.


1° FOV is the best we can do at the moment. We might add true parallel/orthographic projection in the future.

Can you show me examples/details/screenshots of the artifacts?

(Swami Mathtraveler) #3

Thx James.

Crossing fingers for parallell/ortho:)...

Re: Artifacts.

The scene is here. Note: it does NOT have the artifact setting, since students will be viewing it this week, so I want it to look correct. Can files be copied? That would allow me to modify the copy w/o disturbing the original. Anyhow, the image below shows the artifacts and the settings. Let me know if you need more. TIA.


Really interesting...No idea yet no_mouth

Neither Low FOV nor lines are something we test very much. Would you mind sending me the original file?

How are these created?

(Swami Mathtraveler) #5

Sure, will send source file, and description...

(Swami Mathtraveler) #6

OK, James, check your email:)

(Script I wrote which algorithmically generates/visualizes square pyramidal numbers. Still a WIP.)


Thanks! I've filed a report.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #8

You're welcome. Success on your end!...


Hey @swami_mathtraveler!

We fixed the issue with wireframe visibility at low FOV :smiley:

(Swami Mathtraveler) #10

@james: Wow! Great to hear:) Thx. And congrats to the SF team. I know how tough these things can be to track down, and to fix. When rendering "works" people think nothing of it. But when something is amiss it really stands out as "wrong". Rendering is an illusion!:smile:

(Swami Mathtraveler) #11

P.S. Just went to the "problem" model and it looks great! Thx.

(Idididd) #12

@james Can you please add orthographic view (default camera covering entire scene) to the viewer settings? Even as a minimum of 1º will work. That would be very useful. Viewer can just simple click to see simple overview of the scene / model. Thanks