[PART 1 - ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 1: Mythological Creature

Hi guys,
This my concept for the challenge. That’s my interpretation of the Egyptian God Anubis.


Got my wolpertinger done!

Happy with how it turned out (well, besides the wings. bleh…) and will probably go back and finish/redo parts of it after all is said and done.


Hi everyone this is my entry for the challenge :smiley:
A cartoon Medusa


Hello, here is mine, fun project.


Hi, there’s a glitch with my model weblik: https://skfb.ly/6HIYM

If I click the tag “mythcreature-sculpt” underneath my model I get directed to the tag group: 3D models tagged mythcreature-sculpt - Sketchfab

But my model doesn’t actually appear in the tag group :frowning:

It was uploaded 13 hours ago so should be showing in the tag group by now.

I’ve messaged Sketchfab support but just wanted to flag it up with the contest hosts. I’m not expecting to win but I would like my entry to be visible in the entrants group.

Thanks very much, Andy

Hey, just to let you know, I’m definitely seeing your merman in the group of phase one submissions. Fear not.

We can see your model, dont worry.

Problems with the computer, I could not finish it. Well, I leave the sketch I made.

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awwwww i want to see that.

Thanks Zachary, yes it’s appearing in the tag search now

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Thanks Atila, yes it’s appearing in the tag search now :grin:

Привет всем. Вот тоже решил принять участие в конкурсе. Буду делать лешего. Это такой мифический лесной дух. Не судите строго это дебют. И спасибо за внимание.

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And the winner is...

Arachne, Weaver of the Gods by @toomanydemons

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“Amazing detail and cool design, I’m curious how the final result is going to look!” - Rik

“I absolutely love this one. Great modeling skills, excellent eye for detail (look at her back!).” - Mieke

“This mix between human and spider is very powerful and alive! The character shows a lot of personality and emotion. The model itself is neat, full of detail, and ready to be rigged. Again, a lot of work has been made on the anatomy.” - Geoffrey

Thanks to all who participated! We loved seeing what everybody came up with and hope that we will be able to see them all textured and animated at some point. In the meantime, want to take part in Round 2 of the Progressive Challenge (retopo, UV unwrap, baking, and texturing)? :wink: The full announcement will be out tomorrow. Stay tuned. :spider:


Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I loved making this and I love Sketchfab contests in general :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming rounds. I will love seeing her brought to life by the Sketchfab community :metal:

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Congrats to the winner!!! Well deserved!

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yeah well done man … i had a feeling you would win . you stuff is well up on the skill level.


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Congratz TooManyDemons, a well-earned win!

Thanks for going the extra mile & sharing real-time video of your 16+ hours of work too! (Really interesting to hear your thoughts as you make design changes.)

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Round 2 of the Progressive Challenge is live!

Check out the blog announcement and the forum announcement.

Looking forward to seeing what everybody creates. :slight_smile:


Congrats, well done man!
I joined as well and this was my entry the Chimera

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Good job!

Now let’s see how it would be textured, animated, etc!

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