[PART 1 - ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 1: Mythological Creature

(Nebulousflynn) #15

Does this mean the pose must be symmetrical, such as A or T pose?

Yes that makes sense, it will depend a bit on your subject choice - but A or T pose is great for a humanoid, a similar neutral pose for a multi-legged creature (e.g. horse). I guess a neutral pose for something snakelike would be laid out straight and flat :laughing:

Essentially, we don’t know what final pose an animator will choose in a later stage so this will help avoid any weird warping in baked textures and geometry.

(Nebulousflynn) #16

Yes of course, but don’t bake anything to a normal map etc. - this part of the challenge is all about the geometry; retopology + texture baking will happen in Part 2.

(Meee) #17

Ok, thanks for the answer!

(Meee) #18

After some researches of mythological creatures that are at least a bit from my country (I found only two…), I’ve decided that I will make a Tatzelwurm, a creature made by mixing together a cat, a snake and a lizard.

(Toomanydemons) #19

I’m going to be sculpting Arachne, in her half-spider form. Her Upper half will be a human female, and her lower half is that of a giant spider.

(Toomanydemons) #20

The lore directly doesn’t mention Arachne being half-spider and half-human. But there are quite a few renditions of her in that form. I like the idea because it would be really cool and fun to sculpt such a creature, but also because it would be challenging and skillful to retopo, rig and animate (and it would be pretty awesome to see as well).

Because there are many interpretations of Arachne (some where she only has a human face and a spider’s body, some where she is just a giant spider; but mostly she appears as half-spider half-woman), I have to ask, will this critter suffice? I hope she fits the bill for a mythological creature?

(Alice B) #21

Without knowing I already sculpted a mythological creature, a mermaid :slight_smile: would this work if I can take it as a base mesh and improve on it? Or it has to be a new sculpt starting from scratch?

(Abby Crawford) #22

Because there are many interpretations of Arachne (some where she only has a human face and a spider’s body, some where she is just a giant spider; but mostly she appears as half-spider half-woman), I have to ask, will this critter suffice? I hope she fits the bill for a mythological creature?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

(Chunkerbuns) #23

Oooh. I’m definitely going to try this challenge! Love the idea of making it progressive. I’m thinking I’ll tackle Ammit! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammit

(Michael Nixon) #24

I’m going to attempt to make a creature from Aboriginal Australian mythology the Yara Ma yha Who.

Found this great image, i’m going to attempt to create something similar, i’m not sure exactly how to make it an exciting sculpt but i will see what i can come up with. I will probably try and make it in Zbrush, but i’m not sure how i’m going to make the hair.

(Toomanydemons) #25

One Arachne, coming right up.

I don’t stream very often (I don’t even own a webcam), but for this contest I will do it as a way to record progress. I’ll be starting from Zspheres and build a nice armature. You can catch me at https://www.twitch.tv/toomanydemons

I’ll be starting here in a few minutes and spend some hours blocking in a shape.

(Toomanydemons) #26

My work for the day, avoiding the more time-consuming extremities (hands). I’ll add them tomorrow and perhaps the hair too, completing the initial blockout for now.

To watch the design process and the sculpt from scratch, you can skim through the video on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/toomanydemons/videos

(Abby Crawford) #27

Hi @Alice.B.

I’ll refer you to the rules of the challenge:

  • Submit only new work, but feel free to submit multiple scenes.

I hope that helps!

(Silentheart00) #28

Hi everyone! I’ve seen past challenges that I wanted to participate in but didn’t, so I thought why not just jump in this time around. I’m tossing around some ideas for a valkyrie design. Just some quick sketches so far, but hopefully I can find something I like and get started soon.

(Crazymanuel) #29

Hi, i start with a nogmo,without thinking.
I think in a funny version of a creature, like inverse mermaid with swinsuit, or maybe a monster …
Hidra or cerbero,maybe.

(Betashenron) #30

Hi all, this will be my 2nd attempt at a sketchfab comp, for this one I will be doing “Gullinbursti” the golden boar and mount of the Norse god Freyr.

I feel good about this one, hopefully no-one else has chosen it already :slight_smile:

(Toomanydemons) #31

OK, so I don’t stream often. In fact I’m bad at it. My voice is too low and the ambient music is too high -_-
So I’ve made some adjustments which I hope will make things better.

I’m sitting down to sculpt for the evening. Here in a few minutes, you can check out my progress at https://www.twitch.tv/toomanydemons

(Toomanydemons) #32

My progress for the day. The blockout is mostly complete :slight_smile: You can watch the video here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/380818533


(Toomanydemons) #33

I have a few detailed questions for the judges.

The first question is what sort of tools I can use to make her. Does she have to be completely sculpted? I could add some very high quality effects to Arachne if I can generate sculptable surfaces using cloth simulation + box modelling and curve tools.

The second question is about the poly count. For the purposes of uploading to sketchfab, I understand that a decimated model is the best idea, and you can get a lot of detail under 3 million polys. However, if you want a perfect normal map bake and texture, it’s better to bake off of quad-based topology (decimated meshes create a lot of poles that can add artifacts to normal maps), but that would require several million more polys (for a creature of this size or anything at a happy detail). Is it okay to present the model at the requested poly count, but provide a link to a higher quad-based mesh for the texture artists who really want to dive into the details in the future? I see this model using at least 5 materials, probably 3 for the body and 2 for transparency things and tongue/teeth/eyes).

That is, unless I make her really tiny and put her in a snowglobe… :laughing:

(Kyan0s) #34

I’ve a doubt, I always model a base before sculpting, so, and it’s join the first question of @toomanydemons . Is it allowed for the contest ?

Here the modeled base of my Guivre, specially created for the contest :