Partial word search


(Ralphtpc) #1

What happened to partial word search? Before if I wanted to search all dinosaurs I just entered "saur." Now only models with the complete word Saur come up. I tried *saur but apparently that does not work. Please return this feature or tell me how I can search using partial word entries.


We're actively working on our search engine to make it faster and return more relevant results. In its current iteration, accuracy and relevance have been prioritized over partial matches.

More syntax options like *wildcards and "exact matches" could definitely be useful. Thanks for the feedback. We will continue to improve it! cc @tribble42

(Ralphtpc) #3

The current search is just about useless. So many people tilte their model with misspelled words and partial words -some made up or abbreviated and now many of these models are left unseen. The search for "ceros" would bring up a wide selection of models and now nothing. Please bring partial word search back!!!!


Do you have some examples that that would expect to be returned for "ceros" ?

(Ralphtpc) #5

"ceros" would show me Megaloceros, rhinoceros. "saur" would bring up a whole variety of dinosaur species as would "pteryx," "paleo," "therium," or "odon." As I said before so many people misspell or title their models with out accurate descriptions and/or tags and I have found that by partially searching the word I get much better results and it saves a boat-load of time.



Searching just "dinosaur", for example, should match any model with the tag "dinosaur"

(Ralphtpc) #7

Yes, James I am aware of that. However you are assuming that users tag their models with "Dinosaur." When I could search just "saur," I would also get:
• Aachenosaurus
• Abdallahsaurus
• Abelisaurus
• Abrictosaurus
• Abrosaurus
• Abydosaurus
• Achelousaurus
• Achillesaurus
• Acrocanthosaurus
• Actiosaurus
• Adamantisaurus
• Adasaurus
• Adeopapposaurus
• Aegyptosaurus
• Aeolosaurus
• Aepisaurus
• Aggiosaurus
• Agilisaurus
• Agrosaurus
• Alamosaurus
• Albalophosaurus
• Albertosaurus
• Albisaurus
• Alcovasaurus
• Alectrosaurus
• Algoasaurus
• Eucnemesaurus
• Allosaurus
• Alvarezsaurus
• Alxasaurus
• Amargasaurus

See where I am going? This is just dinosaurs that begin with the letter "A!" With the current engine I would have to search these names individually.

Please return partial name search. It makes things for me so much easier!