Password Reset Problem

(Lord 90) #1


I've signed up to Your site via email: But I think I've misspelled the password (silly me!) and now i cant get acces to my account. I've tried resetting password several times but I haven't received any instructions on mail (nothing in spam also). I'm waiting since yesterday for email but nothing shows up :frowning: so here I am.


PS. Didn't want to spam but previous thread like this is already closed.



We're experiencing a bug right now that's making emails case-sensitive. Can you try logging in (or password resetting) with exactly "" (this is how you spelled it when signing up)


(Lord 90) #3

Worked like a charm :smile: Didn't consider this, other thing is that I really don't know why I spelled it like this. Sorry and thank You very much for Your time!

(Edsahergom) #4

Hello James,

I am trying to log in to Spanlift account ( which is one of my clients but it is not letting me. I had as email but now that email is linked to my personal account edsahergom ( even though I have as email there which means now I have two emails linked to the same account and none for spanlift one.

Can you help me? Thanks



I'll send you a Private Message shortly.