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Patch API issue

(Klaasnienhuis) #1

I've experienced an issue with the api when I patch a model which has categories. When I patch a model with categories and keep the exact same information in the categories I get an error back. This is the unmodified categories information which I patch back

"categories": [{
    "slug": "cars-vehicles",
    "name": "Cars & vehicles",
    "uid": "22a2f677efad4d7bbca5ad45f9b5868e"
}, {
    "slug": "products-technology",
    "name": "Products & Technology",
    "uid": "d7cebaeca8604ebab1480e413404b679"

And this is the error I get

{"detail":{"categories":["Enter a list of values."]}}

When I replace this information when patching with just the ID's of the categories, it works. Like so

"categories": [

Data API v3 - models / post problems
(Tribble42) #2


Yes that is the expected behavior. Are you using the new V3 API ? It's still in beta so some of the errors aren't probably the most user friendly you could expect.

We'll update this error :slight_smile:



(Klaasnienhuis) #3

This is still the V2 API