Payoneer payment option or money on hold

@ermalkoci @JoseDiaz Thanks for the comments, I’ve passed along to our team who are currently scoping updates for the site. I can’t guarantee any specific payment methods will be added and I can’t share an ETA unfortunately, but please know that we hear what you are saying and working on it :pray:


That’s great to hear,
I’m not holding my breath, seeing that this thread was started in January '19 so I don’t think it will happen very soon. In the meantime I had enough of Paypal so I had to close my account. Hence all my models in here, for the moment are just for display purpose.
Thanks anyway.


Thank you so much! We certainly realize that these things take time and effort and investment. Though I am glad our desire to expand in paying methods is considered.


4 years and nothing done…
we will be able to see some progress on this?

As Sketchfab is transitioning into Fab, we’re no longer actively adding new features here. Fab will have new payment options.

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