PBR Filter Criteria for Store Searches

I have a few models for sale in the store, and they all use PBR materials with various maps, but when I use the “PBR” filter in search, my content doesn’t show up. It seems like I’m missing something here about what makes a model valid for the search filter.

Is it based on certain map types being included?

What is the URL of the model that’s missing from the search? Also, can you still not find it? I’m asking because there will be a (small) delay between making changes to a model and it appearing in our search results.

We determine if a model is PBR or not by checking if there is a texture in a microfacet channel (Roughness or Glossiness), that it is set to “PBR Mode” (as opposed to “Classic Mode” - which we will likely remove completely in the not-so-distant future), and that it is in “Lit” rendering mode (as opposed to “Shadeless” or MatCap).

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There are a few different ones, but thanks to the answer from @james it’s much more clear now what I need to do.

Thanks to both of you!