PBR Military Helmet & Gas Mask

(Xavier Allen) #1


I'm currently woking on a Pbr, game ready Helmet and gasmask for my exam Game Art Pipeline.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated, mainly concerning texturing as I don't really have time to remodel stuff.
I know I have some issues in places with too many polygons and some with too few.

PBR Military Helmet & Gas Mask by xavier.allen on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

It looks very well done, the only feedback I have is that there are some inconsistencies in the 'dirtiness' of some parts. For example: some parts, like the gas filter and the wire holder seem a bit too clean:

Also, there's glass in the bullet hole :smile:

(Xavier Allen) #3

Thanks Bart,

I will revisit these parts and add some dirt to them, and yes now you say it I will add some black to the bullet hole to make it appear as an actual hole.
I might even add some opacity there.

Thanks again.

(Bart) #4

You're welcome. Please post your next version here too?

We're getting SWAMPED with those helmets from DAE Howest :smile: Looks like you guys are having fun?

(Xavier Allen) #5

I definitely will, and yea it was a really fun exam, some really cool looking helmets came out of it.

(Aragortjuan32) #6

Yo I have a question with program did you use to make it