PBR Models - Worth it?

Hello. My name is Ren. I used to do graphics as a freelancer but I want to understand is it really worth to spend time and create models for Sketchfab Marketplace. Untill now there are no any sells I got from few decent models I made.

Maybe I should change a category or somehow increase my skills. What do you think?
How you guys usually promote your works?

I am looking for any feedback.

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Hello, I think you did a great job there :grinning: It comes down to customer demand, maybe? I’m not a seller here due to a lack of payment options. Your work meets the industry standard definitely I think so. Good luck!

Ok. Thank you! I feel more motivated when people like and share what I do.
I think I can use this topic to talk and share my models

Today I want to share you my last project I made, I tried to make something kind of animated textures:

For the screen I simply made 14 planes and moved them very close to each other, then I animated them with a simply movement, so every plane as frame is overlapping each other and close them as a loop.

For the keyboard I used the same technique but I used 32 objects instead of 14 planes to make animation more smoothly. After it I made UVW and Textures with a 4096 resolution and put all frames in one texture.


Here I made a cozy armchair today.

I used Marvelous Designer for pillows and the plaid.
3ds max for the reinforcement, retopo, UVs. And finally PS for texturing.

BTW Still no any sells. I am not sure, but should I keep modeling, or should I place my models in other marketplaces.


Hi Ren,
Awesome Models! Keep going!

Your description and tags are all set, we recommend sharing the models on ArchViz or Furniture subreddits / twitter to maximize your reach.

Although, we do our best to keep our buyers towards good content, you recently joined the store, so be patient that it’ll happen in the long run. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the answer. I will try my best!

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Hello everyone.

Today I want to represent you my last project: Master Black&White Bedroom
This is the full interior scene using Sketchfab lightning only. And a bit of post proccessing :wink:

P.S. Until now I still have no any sells, so maybe interiors or big sets like this can get more motivations to buy.

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Great scene!
I loved it!

I am very happy today. Got my first sale. Slowly but surely I hope can make some more extra money everyday. I know the architecture is a very popular 3d industry but my plan is making models in qualitative way.

Today I made a new dinner set again in my lovely scandinavian style.
I am glad to share it with you.

Cheers :*


Congrats on the sale! great models and great quality :clap: