PBR rendering with some Matcap (is it possible?)

(Jogos De Botao) #1

Hello everyone,

I am making a scene with PBR materials and I really like to mix it with Matcap. Not in the same material, but having one object with matcap among others with PBR really gives it a magical feel as if it belonged to other reality. But so far I've noticed that or you choose the rendering mode to be PBR or Matcap. Can I mix it?

Not sure if people commonly want to do this, but it would be cool to have the option.

(Skyeshark) #2

Not sure why you would want to do that. Considering that PBR utilizes reflected environment maps, a matcap would actually irrelevant. A matcap is just a cheap (resource wise) simulation of environment map reflection that doesn't require UV mapping. You can easily reproduce the appearance of any matcap with PBR materials, and doing so will provide more realistic reflections then a matcap can provide, because they will move with the object in a realistic manner, rather then only appearing to move.

(Jogos De Botao) #3

Exactly, I want that lack of realism in one object while all others are realistic.

The Matcap have fake reflections and lights that move depending on the camera position. Having one object like that in a PBR scene makes it feel as it doesn't belong to that reality, as it was magical and is somehow getting its lights and reflections from a different reality, as it was a portal or a connection to this other dimension.

(Skyeshark) #4

Hmm, well Sketchfab is definitely not capable of rendering both matcaps and PBR in the same scene. So your best bet is probably to use an attached-to-camera directional light in your scene in sketchfab and put it right next to the object you want to have the camera-following reflections like a matcap has.


You can use different matcaps on different objects, but not matcap on some and pbr on others, sorry!

(Jogos De Botao) #6

I see...
Thanks for the tips.
But I guess I'll drop the idea, it's just a little detail, more like a little easter egg in the scene. I'll need those 3 lights.
I'm used to Unity, I'm going through some learning curve to make