Pennywise The Dancing Clown - Hair

(Timofei Shcheglov) #1

Hey, guys!
I'm working on this lovely person now and I need advice.

I'm planning to upload IT (pun intended) to Sketchfab, but I'm not sure how to recreate the hair (on render it's "real" particle hair). So, how do I do it? Make it sculpted? Planes with transparency?

(Shaderbytes) #2

you kind of answered your own question :slight_smile: It can be sculpted or use planes. There would be a difference in appearance to each of these workflows. Im not very experienced at doing real time hair planes, perhaps someone who has experience with that can say something more..

(Timofei Shcheglov) #3

Yeah... I incline to sculpting myself, cause from what I've seen here on Sketchfab (I mean the models with hair) planes are more suitable for more or less "flat" haircuts and my hair is more "voluminous" (well... not my hair, really, Pennywise's, I'm almost always shaved like my avatar :slight_smile: ) or it needs a hell lot of work, I guess.

(Timofei Shcheglov) #4

So... Quick test of sculpting. I think I'll stick to this method, and who knows, maybe I'll even 3d-print it later.

(Michelezmp78) #5

nice work!
could u share with me stl file please?
thank's a lot

(Timofei Shcheglov) #6

It's not ready yet.


There's a really nice fur study here using layered planes. Dithered transparency + TAA is really successful:

(Timofei Shcheglov) #8

Thanks, james. I'm gonna need to try this approach.

(Timofei Shcheglov) #9

Hey guys! I rendered Pennywise's portrait, check it out on ArtStation.


Nice work! Will we see it on Sketchfab soon? :innocent:

(Timofei Shcheglov) #11

Yup! But I don't promise that soon :slight_smile: As soon as I figure out the hair.