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People are having trouble viewing my model

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Hi there

I shared a model on Facebook with friends and colleagues and a few people have said they they could not view the model. I just wanted to ask if certain browsers should be used?

One person said they could see a picture of my model, but could not move it around at all. Then they went onto Sketchfab and could view other people's models. So I was just wondering if it was something I was doing?

This is the model I posted:




I had no trouble sharing and viewing the model on Facebook (Chrome 41, Firefox 36, Safari 7). Do you know what browser/version and operating system/version they were using?

What were they seeing exactly? A blank frame? Nothing at all?

It's quite a large model (1.2 million polygons). It's possible that their browser/machine couldn't handle the large embed + Facebook at the same time.

Any extra info you can provide will help me troubleshoot.

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Hi James

I think it is very possible that the model was too big (our internet connections are often not great in South Africa). A few people said that the screen was just blank, so perhaps the computer just couldn't load it.

A colleague could see the model and pan side to side, but not rotate or zoom at all.

I think I will try to reduce the models more in future.

Thanks smile



If the model can only be rotated side to side, that means there's a problem with WebGL on that browser. Some resources here:

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Thanks so much, that link explains it all.