People in masks

(Mu3d) #1

We are having trouble scanning people who are wearing complex masks. The Structure Scanner doesn't want to recognize them as human faces. Any ideas on how to lock on to an "inhuman" face?

(Bart) #2

Which software do you use? I imagine you should try scanning in 'object' mode instead of 'human' in this case.

(Mu3d) #3

You can't easily scan a standing human (costumed, but real) because you cannot create the surrounding plane. Check The more ornately masked revelers would not register.

(Mu3d) #4

We were using itsSeez3D on human setting

(Andy lewis) #5

@mu3d, ItSeez3D's bust scanning relies on facial recognition, so it'll have trouble recognising someone who's wearing a mask. The only suggestion I can make would be to put a pair of eyes on the back of the subject's head and scan the subject back-to-front. If you then remove the eyes from the jpg texture image, maybe by copying over surrounding texture, it might work.

Good luck! smile




This is the best I've been able to do:

Zack Davenport from Foursquare by 3D selfie on Sketchfab

(Andy lewis) #7

That's a pretty good job, James! It's far better than I'd expect of ItSeez3D.


More funny ones here (also testing folder playlist oembed):

Foursquare by 3D selfie on Sketchfab

(Mu3d) #9

Which software might work better for this type of scan?


Photogrammetry would give you good results, but it wouldn't be quick and easy like itSeez3d...hmm..


Maybe Trnio?

(Jeremy Barker) #12

Skanect should work fine with this, especially with the newest version with enhanced "face mode" and higher resolution.