Perform rotation using .timeframe file

Hi there,

I’m trying to perform a rotation on Z-axis by adding a .timeframe together with .obj file.
My syntax is: 1 myobj.obj@r=0,0,360

According to Sketchfab Help: @r= to specify a rotation followed by rotation angles (in degrees).

What I’m doing wrong? The object doesn’t rotate.

Note: I don’t have any camera rotation limits.

You’re heading in the right direction, and your syntax is technically correct - but a timeframe file is more like a list of Frames and not an executable instruction. So in your given example you have simply defined 1 single frame where the model is posed while being rotated to 360 along the Z axis.

To achieve what you want you’d need multiple lines that were more like this:

Although if you did 360 frames at this speed it would still take 36 seconds to do a full rotation, so you might want to go a little faster :slight_smile:

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Thank you @nomadking. Now it’s working.

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