Performance Drop between Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear


(Chloejanowski) #1

I'm currently preparing large, untextured 3D environments for viewing in VR for a client, and I have noticed that there is a significant performance difference between Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR in Sketchfab.

Viewing Sketchfab models in VR through the standard Samsung Mobile and Google Chrome browsers is fine on Google Cardboard (smooth head navigation, easy FPS control, loss of small details but okay graphics-wise), however the client really wants the models to work on the Gear as well.

Currently, I'm using the Samsung Internet For Gear app through the Gear, navigating to the Sketchfab model page, and enabling VR there, and I am noticing a huge drop in quality. While there is a slight increase in resolution, the framerate is extremely choppy and the viewport moves so slowly that I can see large black edges every time I move my head. I used the same phone, same models, and same Wifi network in the exact same location while testing these, and I'm unsure exactly why the performance difference is so large between the two devices.

Any idea what's going on?

(Stephomi) #2

Sorry for the delay, we'll fix it soon.

It was indeed the native resolution that we naively respected in gearVR (but some samsungs have a crazy pixel ratio up to 4, which is a no-go in vr or 3D).

(Akrick Designer) #3

I'm actually experiencing significant lag viewing models in Gear VRs Samsung Internet browser. I haven't tried viewing them via Cardboard as my preferred method is through Gear VR. Any help?


(Rhawke) #4

I can confirm the lag using WebVR. I have uploaded a model of slightly under 50 MB and the head tracking is lagging significantly, making me dizzy. I have to keep my head stable in one position to take in a view, one at a time.

I have tried this on a Samsung Galaxy S7 using two separate devices and apps:
- Google Cardboard with Google Chrome
- Gear VR with Samsung Internet inside the Oculus Gear VR mode

I was using an app on the google store called obj2vr to load my .obj files which did not have these lagging issues. Head tracking and texture quality is much higher than Sketchfab. However, the big setback is that the maximum viewing distance is about 20 ft. It acts like those first 3D video games where things appear as you walk closer. So I started looking for alternatives and came found Sketchfab, but unfortunately the head tracking lag makes it almost unusable.

(Stephomi) #5

Without webvr (standard sketchfab chrome vr mode), the performance seems much higher, so I'd say it's a webvr thing.

If you see another webgl website that seems to run smoothly on gearvr, don't hesitate to tell us, that would help pinpoint a potential issue.

Performance issues can be caused by many factors, even with very small files (number of material/geometries in the scene is important, especially on mobile).