Performance improvement of unlit scenes

I am testing various options for architects to view their designs in VR.
SketchFab is by far the simplest option.
But on wireless VR headsets like the Oculus Go and the Oculus Quest, the performance is really slow.
When I first lightmap the models, and then show them unlit in SketchFab, the performance improves.
But using Mozilla Hubs, an open source WebXR project, the same model performs way better on these headsets.
Maybe you can investigate their code, and improve the SketchFab rendering performance for such models?
Here my lightmapped model in SketchFab.
Here the same model in Mozilla Hubs.
Thanks, keep up the good work,

Interesting, just as we don’t support webXR but webVR for now.
(see WebVR vs WebXR?)

Thanks for the nice model comparison links, will check!