"Petrified" (NOW "LILY & SNOUT") A Sketchfab/Artella Co-Production: Updates


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Welcome to the forum thread for our current VR co-production with our friends at Artella. I'll be using this thread to keep you up to date with lots of cool news and behind-the-scenes from our production over the coming weeks.

To learn more abut this project, make sure you check out our blog post. And here's a short video to give you some more background:

Stay tuned for updates and don't forget to bookmark this thread to follow along...

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We'll have more to share on the story as we move along, but don't want to give away too many spoilers. The team is currently developing a short story and the art team have begun work on early concepts.

Some early look development work from our concept designer, Hyuna, imagining our protagonist entering a cave?

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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Really exciting project - can't wait to see where it goes! :slight_smile:

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wow this is great!

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Some exciting updates to share today. Our character development and art teams have further fleshed out our protagonist and her environment, while our Director Tim and his animation team have begun to flesh out the story and begun work on visualizing the flow of the animation. Meanwhile we've been doing plenty of R&D on animating for VR including a lot of discussion regarding timing, placement, and guiding a VR viewer through the experience.

Our concept designer, Hyuna has continued to flesh out our world, and we have some great new images to share including color scheme development:

And here's a view of our protagonist approaching a cave:

Finally, I'm really excited to share the following image from our character artist Carlos:

Stay tuned for updates, and don't forget to check out our progress on Artella for further details on what's happening behind the scenes.

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More exciting updates to share today as we hit the half-way mark of our production. Our lead character is modeled and rigging has begun!

Zach Baharov has joined the team to help with Rigging. Rigging has been a great learning experience, setting up a character that gives us enough animation flexibility for great poses and expressions balanced with optimization for mobile and VR rendering.

And some fantastic concept art by Hyuna showing our character (designed by Carlos) in action:

And finally Pawel has begun work on interpreting some of the concept art for props and environmental elements into 3D:

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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More fantastic work from Pawel to share this week. As we block out our environment for animation, Pawel is busy creating gorgeously painted assets based on Hyuna's concept art:

This week we've finalized the modeling of our league character and are in the process of testing her rig. Story is close to being locked down following a series of pre-visualization animations.

Next week we'll start locking down the environment, and the big news - we'll be moving into animation.

Stay tuned!

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Gorgeous looking environment work <3

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im tuned!

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That's not a painting. That's incredible low poly modeling and texture work running in the Sketchfab player thanks to Pawel.

Week 6 has come to a close. More updates from the project:

  • Two and a half weeks remain. We're still on schedule. Wish us luck!

  • We'll be changing our working title "Petrified" before the project launches. Now we've gotten to know our world and characters we're playing with some new titles.

  • We've been working with our 3D team to further improve our FBX exportation to ensure that squash and stretch rigging from Maya translates nicely on to Sketchfab

  • Our second (secret) character in our story is rigged and ready for animation. You'll have to watch the short to find out who he/she/it is!

  • Environmental set dressing is well underway with several tests back and forth between Maya / Blender and Sketchfab thanks to our lead environmental modeler/texture artist Pawel.

  • We'll be taking advantage of some of the powerful parameters to set up our camera to best support our story for viewers who are unable to view in VR but still want to participate in a browser.

  • We've had our animation kick off and about to jump into two weeks of serious animation time. Wish us luck!

More next week...

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Awesome to see things coming together! :slight_smile:

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You should pause the animation next time you take a screenshot .. those jaggies :slight_smile: Sketchfab really needs to get AA working for animated models..

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This is looking amazing!

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A big unveiling this week as we wrap up Week 7: "Petrified" is now "Lily & Snout"! Once again, our look development artist Hyuna has delivered delicious artwork!

"Petrified" was always a working title, but as we've gotten to better understand our protagonists and our story, personalities began to shine through, leading to our new title from our animator Jun Zee Myers.

Here are the other big updates from the week:

  • We're heading into our last week of production. Though some animation delays may push us slightly. Looks like another week will help us wrap...
  • This delay is down to the length of our story. It's become clear that our original plan of 30-60 seconds wasn't going to give us the time we needed - and well - we've just been having too much fun. So now we're looking at about 1 minute and 40 seconds total.
  • Pawel has continued to contribute incredible environmental prop work based on Hyuna's wonderful art.
  • We're working on a big surprise to coincide with our launch. Shhhhh. More to come...


This is looking really amazing!

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Wow ! I can't wait to see how you manage the staging for VR.

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This looks so cool! It's really amazing what you managed to create over the past (less than) two months! :open_mouth:

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And I'm proud to announce that "Lily & Snout" is now live for the entire world to enjoy. Grab your headset, and don't forget your headphones!