PhD application: Metrology of Crowd Sourced Data in Heritage Science

(Vladimir Vilde) #1

Dear all,

Crowd-sourced project is very important in 3D modeling for cultural heritage. Micropast and ProjectMosul are two example.
But there are many issues regarding the acquisition and the process of those data.

Here is a PhD project in UCL (London) funded by EPSRC:

Of course it's not about 3D but about sourcing. However as I said in my short introduction, many people here should be interested in such concern.

You will need a great motivation for cultural heritage but also strong skill in data processing.

Have a good day!

(Bart) #2

Thanks @vladimir_vilde! So this is a PhD Application, right?

(Vladimir Vilde) #3

@bartv Indeed it's a PhD application, with a very nice supervisor smile

I think a good profile would be someone with a good cultural heritage knowledge, strong analytic skills and can learn easly processing methods.

It's different from some project where it's better to have strong scientific skill and learn during the project about cultural heritage. Here it's a wide point of view in heritage science!

It's a very challenging project!

However the offered funding is from EPSRC. English people can go for it directly. For European you need to have lived in UK for 3 years, if you not you just get fee funding. But there are funding outside the program. Research Council (like EPSRC) only fund 7% of PhD in UK. Finding other funding source is not easy but it's possible.
It's a great chance to improve heritage science as there is a very strong network going with it.

Hope this project will find someone smile

(Bart) #4

Thanks! I've updated the post title to reflect that.