Phone viewing: black patches from texture map


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I just uploaded my first model: and noticed a strange discrepancy.

This is the model thumbnail:


And this is the model in the Sketchfab viewer at about 3 seconds into the animation, as seen from my laptop, desktop, etc.:


On my phone, however (Motorola, Android 7.1.1), and my sister's, it appears in the viewer as :


with dark patches on various parts of the model.

I have identified the dark patches as being the light spots on the texture map SkinSubsurface, a map baked from vertex color data back in blender. I have disabled "Vertex Coloring" in the 3D Options.

It sounds something like the issue presented in which was apparently resolved. (?)

I made the model in Blender 2.76-2.79. The model uses Sketchfab's PBR Metallic workflow.

Any help would be much appreciated. This is my first post, so apologies in advance if this is in the wrong location. Let me know if I can provide more information.

Thanks in advance,


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You probably have a low value on "Max Texture Image Units" (8?) in
It will prevents the use of shadows on your model.
Shadows are used by the translucency channel.

Soon, we'll probably be able to support shadows on these devices.

Edit : hmmm looks like the shadows might be not the culprit on your models, can you provide a screenshot of
Also do you have errors in the console?

(verum4one) #3

Certainly, and thank you for your help.

From Firefox for android (phone, model renders unexpectedly):

From Chrome for Android (phone, model renders as expected(!)):

Also, remote usb debugging has been screwy, so used the "Console" add-on for Firefox for Android to check for errors. When reloading the Sketchpad page, the console returns a long list of log entries, errors and notices that I unfortunately cannot copy to here.

I'm no developer, but if I can provide any information that would aid in a reproduction of the problem and error report on your end, let me know.



I've seen several reports of rendering issues on Firefox for Android, but did not have time to dig into that very much.

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Ok, thanks anyway. I'll just add a note to the model description.