Photogrammetry Apps/Softwares

(Ebanj) #1

Please i need that video revealing all softwares used for photogrammetry.

There is a particular one where i dontneed to take pictures and i only need to use my phone to go all round the whole space. Please what is the name ?

(Vibrantnebula) #2

Hi Ebanj, I don't think a video like that exists, however, there are quite a few blog posts that detail the differences between photogrammetry packages. What is your use case? If we know what you're trying to accomplish and what you're constraints are we can give you more detailed help than a video.

These may serve as a good starting point for your reading:
1) Blendernation
2) Wikipedia comparison
3) Freeware Comparison - Peter Falkinham
4) Sketchfab comparison thread

In terms of your second question, there exists experimental software that accomplishes what you mentioned but it isn't photogrammetry per say. Photogrammetry uses tie points meaning that it detects features and then ties that feature to every other instance of that feature detected in the other photos. It's very computationally intensive which is why it isn't real-time. The technical term for the kind processing you're thinking about is "Simultaneous Localization and Mapping" (SLAM) but SLAM is mostly used in laser capture systems. LSD-SLAM is the closest piece of software that I can think of that will do what I think you're asking about and it's open source and runs on a smartphone. I'd recommend avoiding using these beyond experimentation since the major benefit of photogrammetry workflows is that they allow for you to reprocess the photos as photogrammetry algorithms improve and yeild higher quality outputs from the same input. With real-time capture you're kinda stuck with the data the software spits out and can't reprocess the input. Cheers!


(Abby Crawford) #3

@ebanj Are you thinking of Trnio?

(Ebanj) #4

Ok thanks.
What i want to use it for is architecture and interior designs because i have to take measurements a lot with the tape but i think there is a faster way of getting measurements out with photogrammetry especially for interior design. I need one i can use on a smart phone and not an ipad. I saw one online called CANVAS but its for sale. I need a freeware that i can download and use and still gives me what canvas gives.

Thanks Very Much

(Vibrantnebula) #5

Given your use case, a structure scanner (same company that makes CANVAS) is the most practical 3D option but is far from free. Photogrammetry will add a ton of time to your work but will produce 3D assets which may or may not be useful to you in the future. Perhaps just getting a laser rangefinder would be the most practical way of moving away from the tape.

(Ksinkko) #6

You might be looking at something like Agisoft PhotoScan, the standard version is $175USD.They have a 30 day trial licence as well to see if it suits your needs.

I'm not affiliated with Agisoft nor an agent.

(Geoffreymarchal) #7

Do you mean make a 3D scan from your phone or taking picture with your phone and thereafter use photogrammetry. You have some Apps doing everything in your phone. You also can use your phone to take pictures and therefater use your computer to reconstruct the model with photogrammetry.
However, the precision of photogrammetry is about +/- 2cm / 1 inch. So you might still take some measurement to be sure the model is at the right scale.

(Ebanj) #8

ok thanks