Photogrammetry cleanup with blender and instant mesh. Re applying texture to low poly

(Theovasilis) #1

Hello, I am interested in improving my models. @3dhdscan has some excellent models and tutorials. The most important thing for me would be to reduce the size but maintain the detail. I have come this far in the process.
-Generate high poly mesh with reality capture.
-Simplify to max 1.5M poly
-Unwrap and texture
-Use Instant mesh to re-mesh with quads
-Bake high poly to low poly using blender

I don’t know how to re apply the photo texture back to the low poly model. Cheers.

(Iliedom) #2

I sometimes use that workflow. I don’t know if I understand well your issue. Once in blender, you have to map the LowPoly mesh (you can use, in edit mode with the mesh selected, “Create Smart UV map”), create the texture/textures (diffuse, normal, AO, etc), and assign them. I use a subdivission surface and a shrinkwrap modifiers on the LP mesh, to “solape” both meshes, and them bake the textures. There are many tutorials (better than my explanations, for sure :sweat_smile:) if you find trouble with this :wink:

(Cie) #3

Hi Theo,

I saw your post on re-applying the basecolor texture. Not sure if you’ve already found an answer, but one option is to bake the basecolor texture on your retopologized (after you made the lowpoly quad topology with Instant meshes) mesh within Blender. But you will need to use the ‘Blender internal’ engine, rather than the newer ‘Cycles’ engine. After retopology within Instant Meshes however, you will need to Smart-UV within Blender and check for overlapping UV’s, you can limit those by setting the ‘Angle’ option in the Smart-UV setting to 45 degrees. Mostly, you will only have some minor overlapping, which you can/have to manually correct.

This article explains the baking part really well: Model retopology .

Greetings, Casper

(Theovasilis) #4

Casper, thanks a lot! I am looking forward to trying out this method and sharing the results :slight_smile:

(Charliegeorge) #5

Hi, Theo :slight_smile: Please can you share your workflow? I am dyinnnngggg in Blender! Can’t figure out this UV retexturing thing!