Photogrammetry in dark spaces


(Artyomtarakanov) #1

Hello everyone.
I am planning to take pictures of a room which has the only source of light - a hole in a ceiling. Guess there will be too dark and i will need to use lamps. Requesting some advice how to place lamps and make lighting smooth.

(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hey @artyomtarakanov, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Your best bet might be a ring flash as opposed to standing lights, the Swedish National Maritime Museum hot some good results of dark spaces with this technique: Sketchfab Community Blog - Digitizing a Preserved 17th Century Ship

Another idea would simply be to use a tripod + higher ISO / longer exposure times.

Hopefully other people will jump in with advice too.


(Cie) #3

There are some difficult corners to reach, so you would probably need to use a monopod to reach them. If you use a ring light/flash on it, it would go pretty good i think. Or maybe lower down some diffuse lighting from the middle of the ceiling :sweat_smile:.
Or, as @nebulousflynn suggested, use a tripod from the ground. And if you really need to capture all the corners, and have the possibility, use a scaffold to place the tripod for the higher parts.

(Artyomtarakanov) #4

Ok. Will try with a tripod and long exposure. Thanks

(Michal Zurawski) #5

Tripod and longer exposure should be enough. It might be good idea to use camera bracketing for HDR. You will struggle less with texturing.

(Artyomtarakanov) #6

Well, here is the result

I am not absolutely satisfied with it because i couldn’t capture the darkest areas properly and had to trim them off.

(Michal Zurawski) #7

Cool model btw. Have you used HDR and how many photos you took?

(Artyomtarakanov) #8

I took about 700 photos in RAW and prepared them for processing in ACR by this tutorial. Lack of time and camera batteries made me refuse shooting in HDR

(Nebulousflynn) #9

I’d say that is a pretty successful capture :+1:

What size texture map have you used?

(Artyomtarakanov) #10

It’s 2k

(Nebulousflynn) #11

OK - depending on the UV layout, I wonder if you could manually paste a higher resolution version of the information panel into the texture. The annotation is a nice, but too small to read.

This is a very small criticism - I think this is good work!

(Artyomtarakanov) #12

I wil try to fix the texture later, thanks
Is there some way to set image size in the annotation? Or make an annotation pop up in a window?

(Cie) #13

Great end result, well done!