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Photogrammetry software for mac os x

(Bbarnett231) #1

I am going to Indonesia in a couple of weeks and am hoping to acquire a photogrammetry software for mac os x before I go so I can capture the intricate architecture. Does anyone Know if there is a program that will work?

(Bart) #2

I'm using Agisoft Photoscan on my macbook. You can see some the results on my Sketchfab profile.

(Simonbrown) #3

+1 for Agisoft.

Everything done here:

Was authored in Photoscan/Photoscan Pro for OSX.

Good luck!

(Johntown) #4

I use DroneDeploy to create flight plans and create models. Limited access is free and there's also a free trial of the more advanced option. Model creation can get expensive after that if your models are large.

If you are doing intricate architecture then you may have to take additional low angle photos using a POI (Point of Interest) flight mode, in addition to those taken using DroneDeploy.

I am assuming you are using a drone - if so take care to investigate local regulations regarding flying drones, both generally and at the sites themselves.