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PhotoScan uploader - description length issue

(Abby Crawford) #1

Hello! I just tried to upload a model (via PhotoScan) with a description that was longer than 256 characters and received an error message (Description is longer than 256 characters. Do you want to truncate it?). I know that you guys have increased the character limit significantly, but that change doesn't seem to have made its way to the software yet... Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for all your hard work!

(Bart) #2

Hey Abby,

so is was Photoscan that gave you the error, right? Just making sure.

@james could you pass this on to Agisoft?

(Abby Crawford) #3

Yup, that is correct.


Will do! If you choose not to truncate, does the description work as expected?

(Abby Crawford) #5

I'm not sure - I can give that a try right now.

(Abby Crawford) #6

If I choose not to truncate, the model simply does not upload.


Just confirmed with Agisoft it will be added to the next update.

(Abby Crawford) #8

Super. Thanks, James!