Photoscanning object with white blank areas

I’ve been trying to photoscan a toothpaste tube. Most of it, are good scans. Have it on a turntable with a green screen (will change). The problem I’m having is mostly on the sides of the tube. White areas with no info. Also, the tube and lid are all shiny, so I’ve thought about getting some clear matte spray, so you can still see the texture underneath. Still have the problem of the white areas. I’m wondering if I can spray the whole thing with a chalky removable spray and then speckle it with black paint, scan the geometry. Then take that off (or vice versa) then scan it again to capture the texture. How then would I combine them after. I’m using Reality Capture and then probably Blender to animate, never had experience with something like ZBrush or any other texture editor.

Any got any tips or tutorials I can follow?

Pictures attached here

Hi @Kahubu and welcome to the forum!

What is your use case for the resulting model? For such a simple form (and given the amount of post production you may have to do) you may actually be better off modelling the tube from scratch and project images of the front and back of the tube onto that mesh.

If you do need to go the photogrammetry route I think you have a pretty good plan with the white/black sprays. If you are able to replicate exact camera positions for both a normal and speckled version of the tube I believe you can just select the non-speckle painted images as the texturing source in RealityCapture.

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I’m using it to animate in Blender and then import into after effects to use as a 3d model of the product on advertising material. The reason why I’ve gone with the photogrammetry route is, I’ve always wanted to use 3D models in our work and animate for product video but never could get the time to properly learn how to model objects. Also, we’re on such a short deadline with filming other things for the adverts, I thought this would be good to scan it, and then animate it for our videos, rather than spending a week probably more learning how to do a sub-par model of the product.

In the future, I’ll be trying this with other products and projects we get, hopefully, some with more detail than this. I think this is just a tricky first attempt.

I think spraying black and white is the best option for me, I just need to learn how to then take, potentially, around 6 images around the product and then UV wrap it onto the model. I know Reality Capture has a UV wrap option which can make it easier than unwrapping it in Blender. I just need to find some tutorials on how to do that and also find the time to get into the office, with the situation, that’ the hardest part because we’re working from home at the moment.

Also, @nebulousflynn thanks for the reply.

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